Full Defence 500 (FD500)

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Mild strength 500mg whole plant extract with Hemp Seed carrier.
Down To Earth’s Full Defence 500mg strength is a good choice for new time users looking for a simple increase in general wellbeing. There is no harm in ordering the 1000mg strength for a bit extra if you have common ailments, however this may be sufficient. This product formula has undergone quality testing and supreme harvest methods to ensure quality extracts from the plant abound. It contains all the necessary phytocannabinoids and terpenes responsible for an array of medicinal benefits as they work together synergistically.

Concentration:   Active ingredient content 500mg, 1.6%, 16.6mg per ml, 24 drops per ml

Volume:    30 ml with dropper

Carrier:   Hemp Seed Oil

Strength:   Mild


In stock