Honesty ~ Quality ~ Reliability


Down To Earth Australia has been formed from many years of research, to supply high quality phytocannabinoid products while raising awareness of its multitude of incredible healing benefits and the science behind it, with a vision to bring it’s beauty to life!
No one should compromise on his health for something else that may already be a questionable method.
There are countless stories indicating the efficacy of this wondrous plant and we are privileged to have the chance to share more and more information and especially our products with you.


Down To Earth vision


We pride ourselves with honest, reliable service and will always try to do what we can to assist your needs.
We believe quality and affordability can go hand in hand, and will always aim for the highest quality, and lowest cost.
By continually researching, testing and experimenting with phytocannabinoids, essential terpenes, and other herbal extracts such as Chinese medicine, we can realise the benefits and medicinal effects first-hand with our finished products.
These are then passed to our deserving customers!