Neverland Night Serum

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  • Skin healing during most regenerative time = sleep!
  • Your skin will breathe, Easily absorbable
  • Moisturising and balancing
  • Non-greasy formula helping to restore, balance and firm
  • Can help dark spots or circles around the eyes
  • Protects from free radicals
  • Suitable for all skin types
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Like in Neverland, no one ever grows up!

This CBD night serum is designed to lock in the necessities that your face needs throughout the most important time = sleep!

Sandalwood is a key ingredient anciently known to have powerful anti-aging and blemish removing properties and adds such glow to the skin!  Combine this with the anti-aging and skin protective properties of hemp, including the powerful ability of hemp to protect and heal our cells from free radical damage.

Through Jojoba, Camellia, Coconut, Calendula, Rosehip and Evening Primrose combined, different skin types are given different benefits as they work synergistically with hemp and Sandalwood for an overall formula targeted to ease aging symptoms and heal us so we can show a happy and glowing face!

This serum combination will be a much loved addition to your skincare routine, and restore your skin overnight.

For greater results, try our Joyful Day Serum.

Vegan friendly and made with love from our local and organic suppliers.



Jojoba (simmondsia chinensis), Camellia (camellia oleifera), Fractionated Coconut Oil (cocos nucifera), Hemp sativa extract, Evening Primrose (oenothera biennis), Rosehip (rosa canina), Calendula extract (calendula officinalis), Sandalwood (santalum spicatum).



Apply 1-2 pumps to face & neck after evening shower or after washing face.

For optimal quality, keep refrigerated or store in a dark, cool place.

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2 reviews for Neverland Night Serum

  1. Karen Dean (verified owner)

  2. Susan S. (verified owner)

    Beautiful product. Skin loves it!!

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