Best Sellers Pack


1 x Iso 1000mg (Hemp seed carrier) AND 1 x Full Defence 1000mg (Hemp Seed Carrier)

Worth $294

20% OFF!

Since Day 1, our 1000mg oils have proven very useful for many areas of pain, sleep, relaxation, anxiety, stress, skin conditions, inflammation and headaches, to name a few!
This pack is designed for newcomers to CBD to trial both oils or where both Isolate (THC free) and Full Spectrum prove useful for different reasons, or simply to buy for loved ones.

Both oils have laboratory reports containing specific details on the purity, cleanliness and cannabinoid content.  Click below to find out more.

Pack contains:

  • 1 x Iso 1000mg (Hemp seed carrier)
  • 1 x Full Defence 1000mg (Hemp Seed Carrier)
  • If you choose to have MCT as a carrier in any of these oils, simply make a note at checkout


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Additional information

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