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Iso 1000 (ISO1000)

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Strong CBD alternative (zero THC) to full spectrum in MCT or Hemp Seed oil carrier.

  • Concentration:   1000mg, 3.3%, 30mg per ml
  • Size:  30ml bottle with dropper
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A strong and effective CBD alternative to full spectrum with zero THC, gaining popularity for its active ability to target pain and areas of inflammation quickly.  At this same beneficial level, is the element of relaxation.

Ingredients contain 99% CBD Isolate, 1% associated terpenes and Carrier oil of either Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) or Hemp Seed Oil.

  • Concentration:   1000mg, 3.3%, 30mg per ml
  • Size:  30ml bottle with dropper
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Reviews (27)

27 reviews for Iso 1000 (ISO1000)

  1. Carol F. (verified owner)

    Great product had the best sleep ever and very quick delivery?

  2. Jenny D. (verified owner)

    Perfect for my condition and what I need for pain Etc

  3. Ann C. (verified owner)

    It’s been 7 weeks since I first started taking the Isolate 1000 and I’m pain free. I would recommend this anyway.

    • dteadmin

      Thanks for your feedback Ann.

  4. Janet (verified owner)

  5. Joanne (verified owner)

    I am using ISO 1000 on a regular basis. Good for every day use. I have severe pain,Nausea and Chronic health issues. I am a convert to CBD oils now. This product helps me to relax in body and mind, I personally have been able to reduce dosages of nausea, pain and sleep medications, total bonus for the body! I highly recommend this product for those new to cbd oils. I carry a small dropper bottle of this one with me at All times. Down to Earth have been great answering initial questions, fast and efficient service from start to receipt of product! 5 stars and Thank you

    • dteadmin

      Thanks Joanne. It’s so good that you have been able to reduce all differing medications.

  6. Greg (verified owner)

    Only tried it 2 days now. But seems to be relieving my lower back pain for half the day. Need a top up just after lunch

  7. Leesa (verified owner)

    This product is great and the staff are always so friendly and helpful.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not sure yet

  9. Kathy D. (verified owner)

  10. craig s. (verified owner)

    From start to go this company was amazing and we received our order within 3 days. Can highly recommend using their products….

  11. Tess Jordaan (verified owner)

    Great and fast service

  12. Alison P. (verified owner)

    As soon as I started using this product I noticed how relaxed and pain free I am. I started with 4 drops morning and night under my tongue and I now, after a week,almost walk without a limp that I’ve had for about 5 years due to my MS. This is great as my sort of pain has limited treatment options without knocking me out or being addictive.
    I went to a family function a couple of days after starting and people that had know me for years told me how great I looked and that they’d noticed there was no limp (I feel there’s still a little bit of a limp). So I told everyone what I’d been using and they all looked at me like I was weird but, really, to find something like this that has no side effects and that can make such a big difference in a short amount of time is really rare.

    • dteadmin (verified owner)

      This is wonderful news. The fast acting ability is being seen very much with our customers. Please email us anytime for any further questions or help.

  13. keith (verified owner)

  14. Deborah (verified owner)

    The service and delivery time frame was great. I received my product two days ago so still trialing it, but very happy with the quality so far.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. Bonnie (verified owner)

    Awesome service with helping with questions and very quick delivery. This is the first time trying the oil I’ve had Fibromyalgia 10+ years and tried medication after medication not much relief I was at my wits end until now. In just days of trying the oil I noticed I’m sleeping a lot better, waking up actually feeling refreshed haven’t had that in years and not a zombie, a lot more energy, helped less daily aching pains I haven’t had to take pain killers in 5 days and that’s massive for me, less fatigue, more alert, helped settle my stomach and bowel issues and the other issues that go hand in hand with fibromyalgia. I’m kicking myself I didn’t try this ages ago!!!!
    Thanks so much for amazing product and service

    • dteadmin (verified owner)

      This is great to hear Bonnie! Another customer being helped greatly from the CBD and isolated at that. Very very happy to hear this is working for you.

  17. Dianne (verified owner)

    Great prompt service

  18. Jenny H. (verified owner)

  19. Gill (verified owner)

    Absolutely delighted with this product, I take it late evening and I now have a more refreshing and full night’s sleep.

  20. Tess Jordaan (verified owner)

    Great service. Always so quick and helpful. Thanks so much!

  21. Madeleine (verified owner)

    Easy ordering and quick delivery

  22. Andrew Hall (verified owner)

    working well, will upgrade to Enhanced Spectrum on next order. Postage was prompt, better than expected.

  23. Teresa Davey-Abreu (verified owner)

    Credit card option does not work and after trying multiple times I did the transfer. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a wait from transfer to receiving the oil. This would usually not be a problem but I had just received an order and spilled it all so had absolutely none .

    • dteadmin (verified owner)

      Hi Teresa. Thanks for your feedback. Apologies for the issues with credit card. It is an issue with MasterCard and it is being cleared up as soon as possible. This is mentioned in the checkout page. There can be a slight time delay with bank transfer but we endeavour to send out parcels even the same day depending on sufficiency of transfer advice from the customer. Trusting for your next order, all will process smoothly. Please email us with any further questions and we’ll be happy to help you.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice product. Fast postage. No problem

  25. Tess Jordaan (verified owner)

    Very fast service!!

  26. Daniel (verified owner)

    Has given relief from anxiety and arthritic pain 👍👍👋

  27. Elisabetta C. (verified owner)

    I purchased this product for anxiety , the only downfall was that no instructions of how to use, how much to start of with, and how often, I understand everyone is different, but a guideline would be great and maybe more info about products would be great too
    Ive stated morning and night a few drops, see how we go

    • dteadmin (verified owner)

      Hi Elisabetta, you are correct. Dosage is different. We are contacted by many customers and discuss their situation with greater awareness and help over emails if there are questions or concerns which cannot be done through a packaged guideline. We prefer to take this approach. Please if you do have any concerns, reach out to us and we will endeavour to help you throughout.

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