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This product is much smoother than the previous one I used to get.
Greg - avatar Greg
Iso 2000
Iso 2000 30/05/2020

when I can't have FD, this Iso is my go to, helps pain, relaxes the body and mind 🙂 win !
Jo - avatar Jo
Sweet Pack
Sweet Pack 30/05/2020

this pack is great value. a bit of choice with good products. I use DTE edibles daily and it has helped pain, stress and anxiety 🙂 ty DTE
Jo - avatar Jo

Customer service is 100% a very quick turn around once ordered.
Michele M. - avatar Michele M.

This product has been very beneficial to my overall well being
Jan D. - avatar Jan D.
Best Sellers Pack
Best Sellers Pack 27/05/2020

Great products & service!!
Repeated customer!! Highly recommend!!
Wayne Graetz - avatar Wayne Graetz

Helen Winfield - avatar Helen Winfield
OG Kush Gummies
OG Kush Gummies 22/05/2020

Absolutely brilliant. Since having my gallbladder removed last year, a lot of my favourite foods are off limits due to digestive problems. I've been eating half a gummie for five days now and i haven't had a single stomach upset. Not only that, but i've been sleeping really well too.

Thank you DTE!
Anon - avatar Anon

Patches came to us from what must have been a bad situation. He is a nervous dog. Overtime he has become more confident. One day we wanted to take him to the beach. He got in the car- but when we were driving he freaked out. Making strange noises and was distressed. We turned around and went home. The next time I put two drops on a treat. He was not a distressed he was still unsure, but only mild displays of upset. He had so much fun at the beach and was calm on the way back. I am so glad we could take him without causing him any harm 🙂 thank you 🙏
Yasmine - avatar Yasmine

I’m so happy to finally found someone professional like you guys thanks very much for very fast delivery specially thanks to the lady who I contact true messenger on marketplace on Facebook she is amazing women and so kind I’m taking CBD as she instructs me so already feel some changes with my lower back pain thanks and recommending this product for everyone who have health issues thanks guys for your advice and professional service Amir.
Amir B. - avatar Amir B.
Joyful Day Serum
Joyful Day Serum 21/05/2020

Anonymous - avatar Anonymous

Anonymous - avatar Anonymous