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Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 28/07/2020

I have found this product excellent to use, although somewhat expensive
Brian A. - avatar Brian A.
Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 28/07/2020

Excellent service. Wonderfully helpful product.
Anonymous - avatar Anonymous

Barbara Hague - avatar Barbara Hague
Iso 2000
Iso 2000 28/07/2020

Barbara Hague - avatar Barbara Hague

I didn't realise how much better I felt using this until I ran out and had to wait until I could afford to buy another bottle. I am feeling so much better in mind, body and spirit now.
Verna - avatar Verna
Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 26/07/2020

bough the pack for myself and introduce some friends to CBD and they love it
Andrew M. - avatar Andrew M.

So soothing and relaxing any discomfort I get in muscles.

Smell fabulous to.
Jess Davis - avatar Jess Davis
Iso 2000
Iso 2000 25/07/2020

Absolutely incredible product !
Never felt like that for so many years.
Dave Brown - avatar Dave Brown
Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 25/07/2020

Brought it for my wife who had a stroke and it is helping her
Eddie Scarborough - avatar Eddie Scarborough

Incredible product, great for nerve and muscle pain relief!
Ellen - avatar Ellen

Super quick delivery. Great product for sleep and general wellbeing.
Ellen - avatar Ellen
Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 24/07/2020

Very easy to place order
Good communication and prompt delivery
Laura Hooker - avatar Laura Hooker