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Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 24/11/2020

The oil is of excellence quality. It provides natural healing and I'm very happy.
Linda - avatar Linda
OG Kush Gummies
OG Kush Gummies 24/11/2020

Beka Hunter - avatar Beka Hunter
Iso 2000
Iso 2000 23/11/2020

So happy
Rachel H. - avatar Rachel H.
Sweet Pack
Sweet Pack 22/11/2020

Amazing products everytime. Love the taste too.
Narelle - avatar Narelle
Entourage Gummies
Entourage Gummies 22/11/2020

Super fast delivery! Beautifully made and taste great. Excellent service, thank you!
Anonymous - avatar Anonymous
Bliss Lippy
Bliss Lippy 21/11/2020

Very good on my lips
Sasha - avatar Sasha
OG Kush Gummies
OG Kush Gummies 21/11/2020

I love this product, so helpful
Sasha - avatar Sasha

Sleeping better now & it’s only been a few days of using so looking forward to using it every night , many thanks for this product 👍
Anonymous - avatar Anonymous
Bliss Pack
Bliss Pack 21/11/2020

A little relief in bursar but none on back
Colleen Cutcheon - avatar Colleen Cutcheon
Iso 2000
Iso 2000 21/11/2020

I am not getting any relief at present. I am taking 5 drops 3 times a day
Colleen Cutcheon - avatar Colleen Cutcheon

Wow amazing service, DTE shipping is second to none, arrives next day every time! I bought this for my Mum who has stage IVB metastasised lung cancer (originally uterine) the only thing regular science had was Dr's who wanted to sell her huge doses of chemo. She didnt want to do it after seeing someone close to her die during chemo also after watching the Sharon Kelly YT video and the High as Mike movie she decided the natural path was the way to go. She was a little hesitant to try it so I tried this product for her to show her it isnt harmful and just one drop a few hours before bedtime and I recorded a very good nights sleep with a fitbit, something I hadn't recorded for over a week, and I woke feeling like I had a really good nights sleep! Its too early to tell if the FD3000 will shrink her 2 tumors but I'm very interested to see what her next scan will look like. Thank you so much DTE for making this product available, its amazing how this plant works, just google the endocannabinoid system and watch some YT videos, the plant seems to know what ailments you have and target them specifically. Amazing! You will be our main supplier of this spectacular plant from now on. Thank you again!
Nick - avatar Nick
Cheeky Chocs
Cheeky Chocs 17/11/2020

nick contogiannis - avatar nick contogiannis