Our Story

From humble beginnings in Melbourne many years ago, researching and seeking a greater understanding on the powerful benefits of cannabidiol along with its countless cousins has proved to be extremely necessary in this growing cannabis revolution around the world.

As physical and mental ailments were harshly blocking the ability to thrive optimally, the journey to self recovery was a long one, but a rewarding one.

Most of us are faced with needs that we can’t seem to find answers for.

Down To Earth’s experience are rooted in aromatherapy, plant medicine and botanical formulations and has established itself with the heartfelt desire to bring natural healing and awareness of the rich and vibrant health that cannabis can provide.

“Healing the nation, one drop at a time.”


To be known as those who really care, bringing superior synergistic CBD formulas and dependable service from of an ever-expanding knowledge of cannabinoids, herbs and aromatherapeutic benefits.


To ensure every customer is helped from the heart, to go that extra mile, and to encourage people in the power of nature’s gifts to nourish and flourish their health.